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meaning "coffee" in native Costa Rican bribri language, brings you an exclusive skincare line based in coffee and its extracts, as well as the best natural ingredients carefully selected to give your skin the best treatment and results. 


Costa Rica’s coffee has been world known since the 1800’s due to its outstanding quality which we now have made the base of our everyday skin routine.

At Kapi, we believe in harnessing the power of nature's ingredients to create effective skincare solutions. Our coffee-based products are carefully crafted with high-quality, ethically sourced coffee beans known for their antioxidant-rich properties. Each product is free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a luxurious and guilt-free skincare experience.

Costa Rica Coffeee Infused Skincare


Costa Rica is one of the most important coffee producing countries in the world when it comes to

growing and exporting coffee bean with more than one and half million bags grown

and exported around the globe every year.

With high altitudes, fertile volcanic soil, warm temperatures, steady rainfall, and tropical climate, Costa Rica is uniquely positioned to produce superior coffee beans with fine aromas and flavor. Nowadays, Costa Rican coffee is prized as some of the world’s best

and is shipped all around the world. 

Costa Rica Coffee History
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